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Two times a week, my wife and I go to a nice restaurant for companionship, good food and a little wine. She goes on Tuesdays, I go on Fridays. Gabriel T. Monte (Blak Shaddow)

He talked with more Claret than clarity. Susan Ertz (Garden State EnviroNet)

Restaurants are by no means the only place to have fun with wine and food, but they are the place where people seem get the most uptight about having the "right" wine and food match. Andrea Immer (Great Wine Made Simple)

A wood-aged port comforts in a way a vintage port never can, no matter how impressive. After a simple dinner give me a glass of a well-aged tawny port and a walnut or two and I am content. Gerald Asher (On Wine)

Wine can easily turn a simple meal into a spontaneous feast. Joy Sterling (Vintage Feasting)

Wine writing, like wine, releases inhibitions. New York Times reviewer Frank J. Prial, writing about Bacchus and Me, a book by Jay McInerney.

A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world. Louis Pasteur (Cocktails About)

Wine is a mystical product. It's one of the signs of a civilized country. Margaret Bullough - North Star Winery, Grapevine, Texas (Vineyards & Winery Management)

Good music, good friends and good wine -- this has got to be what the sign makers meant when they hung the greeting on the Maine turnpike at the state line: "Maine -- the way life should be!" Allen and Penny Crabtree (Maine Farmhouse Journal)

It may be a sign of advancing middle age, but I reckon wines are oakier than ever. Blame the australians, or blame the powerful American wine critic Robert Parker, who is a big fan of oak, but there are times when wine feels like a branch of the timber industry.Tim Atkin (London Observer)

Wine is food in Europe. Hardly an evening (and in some places, a daytime) meal is eaten which is not accompanied by wine. John V. Seago (Pontchartrain Vineyards)

Think of the wonders uncorked by wine! Horace (PPR-Quotes)

It's a na´ve domestic Burgundy without any breeding, but I think you'll be amused by its presumption. James Thurber (Entplaza)

In many parts of the world you can plant a vineyard anywhere. You can dig up your roses, if you like, and plant Chardonnay. Oz Clarke (The Essential Wine Book)

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