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Reading and Satisfaction
"Reading has given me more satisfaction than really anything else." Fashion designer Bill Blass, quoted in Worth.

The Nature of Time
"Time looks like a one-way street, but theories about very small or very large things, like sub-atomic particles and galaxies, have time tangoing across the metaphysical ballroom." Angus Clarke, writing about the nature of time in the London Times.

Investing, Guessing & Pouncing
"The point of investing is not to guess the future, but to act on new information before the whole world pounces on the idea." Todd G. Buchholz, author of 9 Economic and Social Upheavals that will Shake Your Financial Future - and What to Do About Them.
Understanding the Stock Market
The key to understanding the stock market: "The price of a stock is the sum of all of its anticipated future earnings, adjusted by an interest rate known as the cost of capital." Shawn Tully, writing in Fortune).

Beep Beep!
"If you wanted to design an annoying sound, you can't do much better than a beep." Bill Gavin, researcher at the Royal College of Art in England, bothersome beeps of computers, telephones, ATMS, pagers, elevator, answering machines and other everyday high-tech sound alerts.

Buffett and Dilly Bars
"This Dilly Bar is more certain to be here in ten years than any software development." Warren Buffett, discussing possible changes in the software industry, in a meeting with shareholders of his Berkshire Hathaway holding company (which includes Dairy Queen).

The State of Television
"Funny how even when the naysayers proclaim TV is in the doldrums -- no fall breakout hits, network viewing levels on the decline, the prime-time landscape littered with instant disasters -- there still seems to be plenty to occupy us at the watercooler as we dish about and dissect what we watched the night before." Matt Roush of TV Guide, on the state of television shows.
Computer Crashes
"I still kneel and cry when some situations arise. So I call up my absolute top people in the laboratory, and they end up on the floor, kneeling and crying." Michael Dertouzos, director of MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science, on responses to computer crashes.

"The worst call anyone in the industry can get is, 'This is Special Agent Wilma, and I have some of your drums.' You can hear their hearts race." David Wilma, EPA agent, on increased pressure against polluters.

"They have managed to identify some of the things that really do capture the attention of 1-year-olds and 2-year-olds, both visually and in terms of music." Dr. David Walsh, president of the National Institute on Media and the Family, on the BBC import "Teletubbies," seen in the United States on PBS Television.

"The staples of any auction are the trips and restaurants. That's a phenomenon of Los Angeles. People pay near value and figure they'll enjoy themselves and write it off." Sarah Piehl, long-time auction coordinator, on the success of charity auctions and fashionable fund-raisers in Los Angeles.

"In the course of a career, an actor spends a lot more time being unsuccessful than being successful. Unfortunately, that's just the way it is." Actor Kevin Bacon, on Hollywood.

"There's a lot more uncertainty about economics than about the climate." Dale W. Jorgenson, economist at Harvard University, on dealing with global warming.

"This place definitely takes your mind off what you might have been thinking about, and engulfs you with a world of its own. Dan Zelinsky, operator of Musee Mecanique, an arcade of pre-digital antique games in San Francisco.

"A lot of people laugh at us, saying you're never going to find Atlantis. I don't know if we are, but I think we're going to find something." John Blashford-Snell, head of a British expedition into the Andes of Bolivia, in search of the fabled Atlantis.

"Pet owners may be the kind of people who inherently seek out more social contact." Dr. Karen Allen, University of New York at Buffalo, author of a report suggesting that pet owners have closer relationships with others and respond better to stress than those without pets.

"There's something funny going on in the sitcom business these days -- and it isn't necessarily the sitcoms." Daniel Howard Cerone, writing about "The Comedy Crisis" on television.

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The Proverbial Quiptionary of Sayings, Phrases and Meaningful Miscelleny

.. To err is human, to forgive divine; to Quip is inevitable.
.. It is the best of times, it is the worst of times - it is the Age of Quips.
.. If I say a Quip or two, every time that I feel blue, I'd have a bunch of Blue Quips.
.. I get no Quips from Champagne... I get no Quips in a plane... but I get a Quip out of you.
.. Got Quips?
.. Get your Quips on Route Sixty-Six.
.. Beware the Ides of March, sometimes compared to the March of Quips
.. Quips are like chips -- you can't stop with just one.
.. Valentine's Day: An Ideal Time for Chocolate, Love, Lips and Quips......... LOTS of Quips.
.. Want to curl up with a good Quip?
.. Gather ye quips while you may.
.. Quips can sometimes be like leftovers -- here today and here tomorrow.
.. One good Quip deserves another.
.. To quip or not to Quip -- decisions, decisions.
.. With Quips, one gives and receives, and gives back again.
.. Small Quips suggest friendly relationships. Big quips may not always be friendly.
.. Nothing in life is certain except death, taxes and Quips.
.. All is fair in love, war, politics, shopping, and Quips.
.. Valentine's Day: An Ideal Time for Chocolate, Love, Lips and Quips......... Lots of Quips.
.. With Quips, one is blessed to both give and receive, and give back again.
.. An ounce of luck is worth a pound of wisdom and a ton of Quips.
.. Pack up your troubles in your old Quip bag and smile, smile, smile.
.. The First Rule of Quips: He who has the Quips makes the rules.
.. An English summer: two fine days, a thunderstorm, and a few good Quips.
.. There are no new Quips under the sun; it's all in the timing.
.. Old friends and old wine and old gold and old Quips are best.
.. Be it ever so humble, there's no place like Quips.
.. Never is a long time, but it could be tomorrow.
.. Two quips are better than one.
.. Quip softly, but know your direction.
.. Nothing in life is certain except death, taxes and quips.
.. Quipping can be catching.
.. There's no quip like an old quip.
.. Variety in life can be pleasurable, like quips.
.. Quips bring wisdom to one who listens.
.. A new quip awakens old recollections.
.. Here today, gone tomorrow, quips forever.
.. Forequipped, forewarned, forearmed.
.. Practice what you preach, but use quips to make your point.
.. Facts may agree; quips offer alternative views.
.. Health and money go far, with quips close behind.
.. A quip is best known by the company it keeps.
.. First think, then quip.
.. Politics: An unlimited resource for quips.
.. Quips have a special agenda of their own, whether personal, intrusive or reflective.
.. Every quip invites a followup.
.. Out of sight, out of mind, out of quips.
.. Never ignore a good quip.
.. It's a dull day without quips.
.. Lightly come, lightly go, lightly quipped.
.. Many a little quip makes for a great illumination.
.. Life is sweet, and sweetened by quips.
.. Some hot, some not, quips forever.
.. Follow the quips to find the source.
.. Brief quips are best.
.. Quips is a game that everyone can play.
.. Good quips occur in every language.
.. More quips, more notoriety.
.. The higher the status, the greater the quip -- but not always.
.. A quip is just a quip.
.. Quips, like publicity, appeal to all.
.. Never say never -- there's always another quip in development.
.. Save your best quips for the right occasion.
.. No event escapes the luxury of a potential quip.
.. Quip while you may; tomorrow may be too late.
.. Opinions, like quips, keep world events interesting.
.. Actions speak louder than words, but good quips carry a lot of weight.
.. You can't teach an old dog new quips.
.. Poets are born, orators are made, quippers are off-shoots.
.. Never ignore a good quip.
.. Little quips possess sharp stings.
.. Quips are the offspring of daily experience.
.. In good quips, as in good wine, there is truth.

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