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"I still kneel and cry when some situations arise. So I call up my absolute top people in the laboratory, and they end up on the floor, kneeling and crying." Michael Dertouzos, director of MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science, on responses to computer crashes.

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Flying Paws Pilot Mike Fadely
Arizona pilot Mike Fadely thrust his hands under Cisco's flanks, hefting the stray Anatolian shepherd pup into the Cessna. Soon they were airborne from Cedar City, Utah, to Phoenix, where Cisco's new owner was waiting.

More than 100 dogs and cats have flown the friendly skies of Flying Paws, a service linking homeless or injured pets to caring masters.

Its first flight was in 2002 when Marilyn Butler Subach offered to fly an abused dog to Phoenix for medical care. Other pilots quickly signed on.

Says Fadely, "Today I flew over the Grand Canyon and delivered a dog to its new home. Hard to beat that."
(Reader's Digest, November 2004, from Scott Craven in The Arizona Republic)

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"Wine writing, like wine, releases inhibitions." New York Times reviewer Frank J. Prial, writing about Bacchus and Me, a book by Jay McInerney.

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